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                        Warriors: Cats of the Clans


Cats of all ages! Do you dare to enter? This is the world of Warriors, where you fight to live and live to fight.  Well, you don't exactly live to fight.  By serving your Clan or Tribe, and following the code, you earn their respect, which earns you pride and happiness.

Tribe and Clan are alike yet different in many ways.  For instance, in Tribes, your role is chosen at birth.  But both still have to face the dangers of nature.

Other cats live alone facing nature.  These cats are generally known as loners or rogues.  The only real difference between the two is that loners seem to be more respectful of the ways of Clan and Tribe, however; if a rogue steps onto their territory, there could be trouble.

Of course, there are the cats that don't believe in earning their right to live and rely on Twolegs to take care of them.  These cats are kittypets.  Tribe cats generally have to deal with them, but Clan cats run into them at some points.  They usually pose no threat.

This site is a Role-Playing Game for the Warriors series.  You get to create your cat and choose which path of a life you want.  The decision is completely up to you; don't make someone force you!


If you want to join this site,simply sign up by clicking on the sidebar.  To sign up, you DO need an e-mail address.  For those of you that don't have one, it is very simple and quick to make one.

When you are signed up, make sure you have the pictures of all of your cats on your profile, and their descriptions.  It makes my job A LOT easier.

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